SPOILERS for The Lying Game by Ruth Ware

Oh, where to begin!     The girls assumed that Ambrose killed himself because he was about to be accused of inappropriate behavior with the girls. He had drawn them all and if taken out of context it looked suspicious.  In fact, the morning after they dumped Ambrose in the reach, the girls were asked to leave the school because of the "inappropriate" behavior.

Instead....  Luc poisoned Ambrose with heroin.  Ambrose had discovered that Luc and Kate were sleeping together and Ambrose was not okay with that, as he had raised them as siblings. The note left behind by Ambrose appeared to be a suicide note, but really it was Ambrose forgiving him and telling them to not look back.   Flash forward to when things were falling apart. Luc was placing suspicion on Kate, but really it was him.  They were all at the mill house when a fire started.  Isa's baby was asleep upstairs.  Both Luc and Kate saved the baby and sacrificed themselves to save the baby.


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  1. I’m trying to get to the spoilers but the link doesn’t work. I did read the book just looking for some rereading info (listened on audible) specifically the rap sheet list Owen sent to Isa