Sunday, May 21, 2017

SPOILERS for IT'S ALWAYS the HUSBAND by Michele Campbell

It really was the husband.  Kate's husband, Griff.  He had been so devoted to Kate through it all and was genuinely destroyed by her death.   The author leads you down the path of thinking that it might have been Aubrey's husband (who was having an affair with Kate) and even Jenny's husband (who was on the bridge that night all those years ago) - but nope.   It was Griff.


Sunday, April 23, 2017


Zoey's father, Chad Drake, had racked up a lot of debt due to his gambling addiction. His salary as a cop wasn't putting a dent in the debt.  His brother, Paul, plotted to steal the million dollars from the drug dealer and hired a couple of local thugs to help.  The thugs got paid to commit the crime but wanted more and went to the Drake farm to get what they felt they were owed.   Zoey killed one of those thugs and the other just got out of jail and was eager to find the money - no matter what the cost.    In the end, it was Zoey's martial arts mentor who was pulling the strings this time and was pushing the recently released thug to go after the money.  Paul arose from his deathbed and killed Mike.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

SPOILERS for One Perfect Lie by Lisa Scottoline

Chris Brennan was actually an undercover ATF agent trying to infiltrate the school because they had suspicions that a plot was going down on the anniversary of Oklahoma City (and Columbine).   After one of the teachers died in a questionable suicide, Chris is confident that something is about to go down, but he isn't sure which member of the baseball team is involved.  Turned out it was Evan. He was getting involved with one of his teachers, who is a member of an anti-government family that is plotting to blow up the courthouse in Philidelphia.   Chris saves the day.


Sunday, April 9, 2017

SPOILERS for The Sisters of Blue Mountain by Karen Katchur

When Linnett and Myrna were kids they stumbled across a car accident.  They recognized the accident victim as their mother's lover.  She was going to leave her family for this man that night.  Rather than call the police and rescue people who could help, they did nothing.  The man died and their mother killed herself in her anguish. The sister's relationship was pretty much destroyed because of those events.  The man was the father of the reporter who shows up at the B&B all those years later to cover the dead snow geese. It turns out that the groundskeeper was the one who killed the scientist from the university.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

SPOILERS for The Darkest Secret by Alex Marwood

So that summer night Sean's friends convinced Claire to let them drug the children - all of the children - so they could party uninterrupted.  That night Claire discovered that Sean was having an affair with their interior decorator.  Claire leaves the children behind and heads back to London.  She was so angry and upset she figured Sean could take care of their children for once.

The next morning those still there discovered that CoCo had died from the drug.  They decided to hide her death by faking a kidnap.  Claire never knew the truth.

The epilogue made it clear that the daughter of one of Sean's friends (and future fourth wife) actually gave the girls more of the drugs including to kill both of the little girls.  She thought with them gone, he would have no reason to stay with Claire and fall in love with her.  Even though she was just a teenager at the time.


Monday, March 13, 2017

SPOILERS for Never Let Me Go by Chevy Stevens

I thought that Sophie's boyfriend was the one creating all of the trouble because he had an inappropriate crush on Lindsey. I was way wrong.

Marcus, the stable one of Lindsey's friends, was actually the husband of the woman that Andrew killed in the accident eleven years ago.  He was out for revenge.  He wanted to hurt Andrew and thought that he could do it by framing Andrew for stalking Lindsey and then kill Lindsey and Sophie, also framing Andrew.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

SPOILERS for Ill Will by Dan Chaon

First of all - there is still no real conclusion to the quadruple homicide when Dustin was a kid.  DNA proved that it was Rusty.  Some believe that it was a murder -suicide by Dustin's uncle, but it could have been Dustin who discovered the bodies and said he picked up the murder weapon - then walked out of the house in a dissociated state.

When Aaron goes missing Dustin goes to Chicago to confront Rusty, who he believes is harboring the runaway teen.   While confronting him, Dustin pulls out a pistol and kills Rusty.

Aquil was the "serial killer" in question and even went after Aaron in the end.

The book ends with Dustin's older son being summoned to Dustin's hometown to identify his body that was found in a drainage ditch.

It was all just - weird.