SPOILERS for The Secrets She Keeps by Michael Robotham

Meghan had an affair with Jack's best friend and the baby could be his.

Agatha was seriously unbalanced.  She faked her pregnancy with the plan of kidnapping Meghan's baby shortly after birth to pass off as her own.   She does end up kidnapping Baby Ben right out of the hospital.  And her plan works for a little while until the baby gets sick.  Agatha is at conflict with the voices in her head, but she eventually agrees to give the baby back.


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  1. So did Agatha kill herself? Who was shot in the head with the laser target. Wtf! Great story, but is aggie deadn

  2. I interpreted it as Agatha's possible attempt to shoot herself in the head was unsuccessful, and she's in a psychiatric hospital.

  3. And the laser target thing was Meghan's imagination as to what might happen.