Monday, September 19, 2016

SPOILERS for THE KEPT WOMAN by Karin Slaughter

So Angie was working for one of the NBA star's lawyers.  She found out that there was a video made of the rape that Will had been investigating.  The person threatening to use the video is the abused wife of the other NBA star. And she happens to be the daughter that Angie abandoned as a teen mother.  Angie is willing to do anything to keep her daughter and grandson safe. She concocted a plan to have Jo switch identities with one of the bodies connected to the investigation.   Long story short, the abusive NBA player takes his kid hostage after he thinks his wife died.  Will is in the thick of it when the NBA star kills himself, essentially freeing Jo from the abusive marriage.  Will cuts all ties with Angie, freeing himself to marry Sara and live happily ever after.

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