Sunday, December 4, 2016

SPOILERS for THE LAST ONE by Alexandra Oliva

Zoo and Brennan are in an abandoned grocery store when two nefarious men stumble across them.  After a violent encounter, Zoo is forced to realize that they were not part of the show.  She thinks back over the last several days/weeks and realizes that nothing was part of the show.  She realizes that Brennan is just a thirteen-year-old boy. And he killed somebody to keep her safe.  They make their way to her home and her husband is gone, Zoo assumes that her husband is dead.  They then find a survivors colony and realize that like will eventually be okay.

SPOILERS for The Trespasser by Tana French

</p>Conway recognized the victim from her days in Missing Persons.  The victim's father had "done a runner" when she was a kid and was trying to follow up.  Now that Aislinn Murray was all grown up she decided to go after the cops who worked the missing person's case to get to the truth.  That would be Detective McCann in the Murder Squad.   McCann was her "secret boyfriend" that Aislinn had planned on destroying in her way of getting revenge for the past.   Conway and Moran had enough evidence to point to the fact that he did it, but most of it was circumstantial.  McCann's partner, Detective Breslin, had already gone to the Chief that they didn't have enough evidence to convict anyone and the case was going to go unsolved.   Conway and Moran go to the Chief with the truth and in the end McCann he confessed.


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