SPOILERS for Verity by Colleen Hoover

Wow. Wow. Wow. 

Verity had been faking the paralysis. Jeremy and Lowen killed Verity.  Because they thought she was a monster. 

As they were moving out of the house Lowen found a letter that Verity had written Jeremy.  The manuscript that Lowen thought was Verity's autobiography was really a writing exercise. One where she wrote the opposite of what was happening Verity really did love all of her kids.  She wasn't abusive.  The letter also stated that Jeremy knew about the manuscript.  And that HE was the one driving the car when Verity had the accident.  He purposefully wrecked the car hoping that she would die, because he also believed the manuscript to be the truth.

Lowen and Jeremy end up together and Lowen is pregnant with Jeremy's baby.  She just ignored the fact what had happened. 

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  1. So the letter was real and the manuscript was fake which is what I think but I have spoken with other readers who think the opposite.